Nanophotonics and quantum optics group at IFIMAC-UAM

Project NanoQuCo

The ability to efficiently process large amounts of data and information is becoming one of the cornerstones of our society. For that reason, the improvement of our computational capabilities is one of the main challenges faced by information technologies.

Quantum computing holds the promise of a solution to the challenge efficiently process large amounts of data and information. Exploiting ideas such as the superposition principle, a quantum device is capable of carrying out certain tasks with an exponential speedup, compared to a conventional computer. Despite those advances, there are still huge challenges to be addressed before quantum computing becomes a truly disruptive technology. At the level or implementation (hardware), existing quantum computers still have a moderate size and serious scalability issues, limitations in the speed with to carry out quantum operations and a large overhead in terms of physical resources implied by quantum error correction protocols.

NANOQUCO is a multidisciplinary project that will combine the capabilities of the two participant groups, which are experts in theoretical nanophotonics (UAM) and quantum technologies (CSIC). We will develop quantum processors based on nanophotonic systems to overcome the limitations of size and speed of current experimental platforms. Our designs will exploit and maximize the control of light at the nanometer scale to couple quantum bits in a way that is robust, fast, and versatile. In this effort, we will study how to use those systems to generate quantum light, such that the emitted photons can play the role of quantum bits and be used for precision measurements. By exploiting these synergies, we will develop quantum algorithms that optimize the execution on such nanophotonic computers.